Hi. I’m Parag Prasad and welcome to the first entry of my blog – Proven Sales and Marketing Techniques for SMEs. Here I’ll set out my Mission statement and explain why this blog is worth getting excited about!

The role that SMEs play in building local communities and to the national economy is huge. To ensure that talented entrepreneurs not only survive, but thrive, its important they get all the help they can.

Furthermore, I believe there is a skills shortage among UK business owners. I’m surprised every day by the massive impact simple and honest advice has on small businesses. Here’s where I step in. I have 14 years experience across sales, marketing, finance and team leadership. 3 years ago I started coaching SMEs in London to turn their businesses around and increase profitability.

Therefore I will be writing straightforward and practical articles about how you can use proven sales and marketing techniques to improve your financial performance, including:

- how to increase conversion rates
- provide powerful guarantees
- build strategic partnerships
- get more referrals & testimonials
- and plenty more…..

My goal is that you use this site for advice and discussion, but then apply those techniques to get results.

The first series of posts will be about USPs – Unique Selling Points. I welcome your comments and feedback.

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